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Flat Cost Private Detectives for Hong Kong and Surrounds

It doesn’t cost a lot to get peace of mind. If you’re always finding yourself wondering what your partner does late at night, or what your children do while you’re away, or what your employees are really up to when they call in sick, contact Hong Kong Investigation. Using the latest technology in conjunction with proven traditional investigative methods, we help peel back layers of deception to get to the truth.

From finding missing persons to helping defendants and plaintiffs prepare for trial, we understand the intricacies of navigating modern Hong Kong’s personal and business relations. Rely on us to treat your concerns with the utmost seriousness and your case with the highest level of delicacy and confidentiality.

Basic Scheme

Ideal for short term investigation 

HK$ 930 /HOUR

  • 2 Detectives
  • 1 copy of obtained photos
  • 1 copy of text report
  • Please click if the target drives frequently.

Economy Scheme

Perfect for well-planned customer

HK$ 4950 /DAY

  • 8 hours investigation
  • 2 Detectives
  • 1 copy of obtained high definition video
  • 1 copy of obtained photos
  • 1 copy of text report
  • Please click if the target drives frequently.

Prestige Scheme

Meet your comprehensive needs

HK$ 11300 /DAY

  • 12 hours investigation
  • 3 detectives
  • 1 investigation vehicle
  • 1 vehicle driver
  • 2 copies of obtained high definition video
  • 2 copy of obtained photos
  • 2 copy of detailed report
  • Please click if the target drives frequently.
The cost of a private detective can be much less than the price of not knowing

Do you sometimes worry about what your child gets up to when they’re out with friends? Are you separated from your partner and want to know what they’re doing, whether you’re preparing for divorce proceedings or not? Let us help. These are the simple questions that can keep you up at night, stopping you from enjoying your life and keeping you from performing at work and in other activities.

Many people wonder if they can spend money on a private detective. At Hong Kong Investigation , we ask, can you afford not to? Can your lifestyle afford you not knowing the answer to these questions? Our flat charges mean that you know exactly what you’re up for. With rates starting from $550 per hour and with a service area extending into Guangdong Province on the mainland and beyond, we make it simple, easy and affordable to find out the answers you need.

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Terms and conditions

  • Quotation will be provided upon request for any other services not mentioned above.
  • Our company is committed to maintain all case information to be kept confidential.
  • All relevant videos, photos or reports will be destroyed within one month after the investigation has ended.
  • The quotation of services are included into the general expenses for the investigation such as local buses, mini-buses, and subway fares. For any extra expenses derived such as taxi fare, meals, and hotel accommodations during the investigation process will be included onto the bill and has to be paid for by the clients.
  • The minimum spending for basic scheme is 4 hours ($2200). In the meantime, clients could customize their spending limits. Please contact our staff for further information.
  • Clients must pay a deposit before the investigation can begin: Basic scheme $1500 Economy scheme 50% of total spending Prestige scheme 50% of total spending
  • After the completion of an investigation, clients must settle the remainder of the bill within two business days. After settling the bill, the resulting investigation’s videos, photos, and reports will be submitted to the clients within three business days. The three business days will only begin to count down after the entire bill for our services has been paid and settled.
  • If for any special circumstances, such as bad traffic or false information provided by the clients which results in the failure of the investigations, the company will not be held for any liability. Any deposits that have been made will not be refunded and clients is liable to settle the remainder of the bill for our services within the specified time.

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